We have a winner

Congratulations to RecreationalArt who is the winner of the jewellery giveaway!!  Your lucky number was 6 which landed on your 3rd entry (persistance pays off).  I had a lot of fun puting this giveaway together as I had not been in my Jewellery stash for quite a while. 
A big thank you to everyone who entered and who are now following my blog.  Keep coming back I will definately be having more giveaways soon.

On another happy note I awoke to a lovely msg from Jeanette at shnookies to let me know I had won her blog competition.  I am now the proud owner of this cute Little Ladies Bag. (well not quite yet but its my pick :) )

Jeanette makes lovely clothes, shoes and accessories for the little people in your life and all from 100% natural fibres. If you have certain small ones in your life it's well worth a visit particularly for the discerning mini Divas who know a good fashion accessory when they see one.


OK make that three...

I can't believe it!! Another Treasury West feature this week.  How thrilling is it to wake up and see your creations featured in someone elses treasury,  no matter how many times it happens I still get a thrill.

Pop on over to demetgun3  on Etsy and take in the mad bead weaving skills!  They also love to recycle so there are some real eco friendly finds there.


When you least expect it.......

Here I am eyeball deep in end of year madness thinking "I should put my Etsy shop on Vacation mode since I'm hardly there."  Today I log in and find I am featured in 2 treasuries and at the same time managed to get my treasury in as well (right place, right time).

I have to thank Stacey at sunweeds  who selected the sunniest yellows for her 'My Pretties'  cheery  treasury.  Check out her shop and her gorgeous button bouquets.  And also Angela from StellaPearl  who has some stunning hair flowers with a quirky edge

My Be Kind REWIND Treasury is full of clever DUST team members.  It's also a bit of a Christmas wishlist from a old skool, retro, vintage loving girl.  Now to get that memo to Santa....