The fork in the road.

The last few months have been huge!!!! There has been no time for facebook, twitter, my etsy shop and definitely no time to BLOG.  At the ripe old age of 46 I have decided to quit the day job, leave behind the corporate world and go back to school.

It's taken a great deal of introspection soul searching and long late night chats with my lovely supportive husband.  The budget has been worked and reworked turned upside down and reworked again and after some massive belt tightening we decided it was time for me to quit my part time job as a Library technician to concentrate on study and developing the hobby business into something a little more serious.

I've had a few moments of the collie wobbles, tears and wildly euphoric feelings contemplating all the major changes.  I intend to keep this blog updated on all the pivotal 'fork in the road' moments.  But I have previously procrastinated big time in regards to this blog so here's hoping my new found freedom will turn my intentions into reality.