The joy of Treasuries and Front Pages.

I love logging in to my shop and discovering that over night people having been giving it lots of love.  Thanks to that nifty little site Craft Cult I found the source of all the love, this gorgeous treasury by Brandy Fisher which made the front page.

You can get a better look at it here.

I had a look at Brandy's shop and she is a re-purposer and recycler like myself using a fusion of new and recycled/repurposed  materials to make gorgeous jewelry and paper goods.

These are just 2 of the great finds in Brandy's shop.  She also does lovely paper tags and really unusual Christmas ornaments.

Take a moment to browse through Brandy Fisher I think it's a great little Etsy shop.

                                Repurposed Bingo Magnets - Set of 5


Feeling the Love...

What a great week!  Received a lovely convo this week from Amanda of Calico and Co to let me know she had featured my Love Cards in her Blog.

 Calico and Co is described as an Indie and Handmade blog featuring a treasure trove of independent Artists, Designers, Crafters, Photographers and more..
I spent a little time reading through her Blog and found so many interesting artisans, some of which also work with an ethic close to my heart. the eco friendly handmade craft.  Amanda is a graphic designer herself which shows in the crisp and clean layout and engaging photos.

You can also find her on Etsy at Amanda Fuller Designs however she is vacation mode at the moment.  Why not give her some Bloggy love as she is a true champion of the Independent Handmade movement.

This feature contains quite a few Aussie DUSTers

More BLOGGY Love.... Yet another lovely convo from Violet of Artshus letting me know I had been included in her recent showcase of Aussie Etsians.  Violet should go into marketing she makes everyone sound fantastic!!!   This Blog is a feast for the eyes and the ears as you also get to listen to her great taste in music. C'est tres chic.

Now for anyone with a shoe fetish (guilty as charged) Violet has an amazing collection of shoe themed art and craft in her Etsy shop Artshus by Violet,  being a Bag Lady as well..I think this is my fave item

Violet is a talented lady and has another shop Paris Accent which is full of ooh la la fabulous tags and gift cards.  I have to say I was torn between these 2 lovely tags.

Oh so chic and romantic the Paris mannequin and roses and the Paris Cafe Sillouette Tags 

I hope you take the time to visit these wonderful generous spirited blogs.  To take a quote from one of Amanda's featured artists  Green Olive Design  "A handmade object is infused with the love and energy of the maker. Handmade has a story."  Amanda and Violet are tellers of the story and I am very grateful that they have taken the time to tell a little of my story.  For the week leading up to Valentines Day I have felt the Love and I gotta tell you... it feels real good. :)


Wuv, twoo wuv... and all that womance stuff

Princess Bride is my favourite movie so forgive my badly spelled title.   I first saw Princess Bride the night before our 1st child was born (which was actually only a few hours since he arrived in the wee hours).  This might have something to do with my strong attachment to the movie since I was quietly laboring all the way through it....you know those slightly longer and more uncomfortable "Braxton Hicks" thingys which I had been ignoring.
When anyone mentions the word Love my head immediately goes to that line in the movie.. sad but true, or should I say twoo!

With all things romance heating up this month I have added a couple of my favourite LOVE inspired items found on Etsy.   Mind you this was not an exhaustive search as there are about a billion 'valentine' items to choose from.

At the moment I have been inspired by the Victorian, Goth, Steampunk movement...everything old is new again. Have a browse through the stores featured in this mini, I know you will find something you WUV just like I have.