Wuv, twoo wuv... and all that womance stuff

Princess Bride is my favourite movie so forgive my badly spelled title.   I first saw Princess Bride the night before our 1st child was born (which was actually only a few hours since he arrived in the wee hours).  This might have something to do with my strong attachment to the movie since I was quietly laboring all the way through it....you know those slightly longer and more uncomfortable "Braxton Hicks" thingys which I had been ignoring.
When anyone mentions the word Love my head immediately goes to that line in the movie.. sad but true, or should I say twoo!

With all things romance heating up this month I have added a couple of my favourite LOVE inspired items found on Etsy.   Mind you this was not an exhaustive search as there are about a billion 'valentine' items to choose from.

At the moment I have been inspired by the Victorian, Goth, Steampunk movement...everything old is new again. Have a browse through the stores featured in this mini, I know you will find something you WUV just like I have.


Chrisy said...

Those cushions...and the frilly knickers are divine...