Celebrating the year - the old and the new.

Hmmm, it's been a while since I logged in here so feeling a tad embarrassed that my blog fervour has dwindled so dramatically.  Hopefully this Blog will last longer than the New Years resolutions I plan not to make but in the renewed excitement the possibilities a new year brings will foolishly chalk up anyway.

It's ok.. I always get reflective and introspective in December.. The end of the year for me tends to lend itself for a overhaul of body, soul and spirit.  I love the fact that I am always learning and there are many things I have learned this year through good and bad experiences that will equip me in the years ahead.

My foray into online selling through Etsy, Arfire and Zibbet have plunged me in the sharpest learning curve I have had in a long time. The ride has been fun, exhilarating frustrating and scary all at the same time. I have learnt to forum, blog, twitter and facebook. Discovered that there's a science to pricing promoting and photographing product properly..(that's a fair chunk of alliteration).  I have met (online) lots of friendly, generous helpful people as well as a few grumps who value their own opinion way too much.   I have felt discouraged and elated in the space of a day all over a sale or a surprise treasury or feature spot.  The truth be told it has taken a lot more energy emotionally and physically than I was prepared for but it definately has been worth it.

Taking stock of my year and my life I have reached the conclusion that while the shop has done well (not the sell out continual turn over I envisioned)  but in comparitve and sober (sic) terms well.   None the less I personally need a time out to rest and reasses and get all my ducks in order so to speak.  There's nothing serious going on (not unless menopause has become a terminal illness) but in the busyness of life, life sometimes gets lost and I really want to give it (life)  my 'best' not the 'best under the circumstances'

I have put my onlines stores in 'vacation mode' for the time being.  I have lots of ideas and plans but want to really be more intentional in my business instead of my 'jump in at deep end paddle like hell' approach.  Like one of my mentors used to say proper prior planning prevents pitiful performance,  and I used to roll my eyes cause they used all P's but thanks to 20/20 hindsight it's gold.

Ok enough with the maudlin navel gazing.  I have had a fantastic and full year.  I celebrate my God first and foremost and the life I have in Him.  My darling husband a true gift to me, my precious children, my Church, my friends, the beautiful world we live in, coffee shops, bookshops, coffeeshops in bookshops, late night shopping, and my Mac Book Pro what would I do with out you.

2010 seems like a well balanced number and that's what I'm looking for in the New Year a better balance of the work, rest and play dynamic.  A coming of age moment awaits me I think (after suffering through menopause I think it's only fair that a new sense of maturity and wisdom should be mine).
I love the potential hidden in the future is it because am I losing my fear of making mistakes or getting too old to care??? Either way it's exciting.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make my entrance into the online arena a pleasurable one.  I have been humbled and encouraged by the support of strangers who now feel like friends.  If I make resolutions to be a better blogger next year will they hold because they are not New Year ones? I hope so.   So friends and followers near and far have a relaxing, safe and joyful Christmas and I wish you every success and happiness for the coming year.

*big virtual hug and kiss*


Celebrating one of the high moments in 2009

Etsy gift guide feature: The Blue Hobo Tote

This was a big Woo Hoo! day for me.. logging onto Craftcult and discovering I had a gift guide and a Storque mention at the same time.  This Tote sold soon after. YAY.