Things made of Paper

I love paper!! I am a paperophile!!! Even in this age of technology with my trusty Macbook at my side I will turn to paper and pen to write down my ideas and thoughts or when I need to plan or program something.  I need the physical tactile paper and pen process to help it flow.   This paper dependency is part of the motivation (read most) behind the creation of my journals from recycled vintage books.

As part of my exploration of the crafting world I am going to do a series of Things made of.....  It begs the question how many different things can 'things' be made from?

 Tiny Stars by Rach of Missisaau. I think they would look great
scattered amongst candles as a table decoration

 Dress made from a phone book. Check out the rest of these on Flickr jolispaons

 These lights are fantastic! I want one or two by tesselight

I recently had the pleasure of winning this gorgeous
print by Narelle of ruby victoria.  So here I am  boasting :)

The detail in this paper sculpture by Allen and Petty Eckman
is breathtaking.
They have a whole series  of  Native American pieces.

I'm thinking of these for my daughters 21st...
 they are so beautiful - by prosttothehost

I found this company for Paper Party goods that are also eco friendly.
How yummy are these cupcake wrappers by green party goods
The possibilities with paper are endless.  It's one of the most versatile mediums around and I would have a reeeeeaaallly long blog post if I tried to do it justice.  I did really control myself and not just include lots and lots of stationery to which I am addicted and there are obviously lots of talented and creative people who produce amazing stationery.

What should I investigate next time??? 


The wonderful world of shrink plastic.

I recently rediscovered something that I couldn't resist playing with again - shrink plastic!  Remember Shrinky Dinks???  Or for those who couldn't afford Shrinky Dinks the 'old chip packet in the oven' then made into earrings phase.

Whilst browsing around blog land I discovered this cute tutorial by Cathe Holden over at Just something I made on how to make a customised shrink plastic ring..  Instantly, my brain was filled with shrink plastic possibilities.  Thanks to the www and online shopping I soon had my own pack of inkjet printable shrink plastic which I immediately had to play with. (patience is not a virtue)

3 easy steps. Print, Cut and Bake.

Here are my 1st attempts with shrink plastic.  I printed out some pretty lace doilies to make buttons with.  A Mr Phrenology Head for a ring and necklace.  And the VW Bugs because I am opening a new shop 'red punch buggy' and I thought I could make badges or magnets as thank you gifts.

The 1st batch are ok I was fairly pleased with the outcome but I need to play with the cooking time to eliminate the slight buckle in the pieces. It says they are maleable for a little while when they come out of the oven but you have to move quick (and I'm not quick enough juggling hot things).  I  gave them a quick sand and then used a paint on acrylic gloss to seal them which made the ink bleed a little so the next batch will get a spray on coat instead.   I don't know if this batch will become what they were intended for as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and these are practice pieces but I have a few ideas that I cant wait to try out next.  

If all goes to plan I will have a shrink plastic range of goodies in my new store.  If is doesn't work out then at least I've had fun reliving past fun times.  


Go grab a cuppa and let's catch up....

So much has happened over the last month, I though I would take a couple of moments to catch up.
Firstly, congrats to Verity of Joie de Tea for winning my giveaway.  Her vintage book choice was The Philosophers Notebook and here is how it looks as a journal.

I think it turned out great and Verity was very happy too!!  I must say thank you to everyone who entered and especially those who now follow, like and twitter re:deem.

There was a mutual admiration week with Blog features, mine being on the lovely Samara from Maddabling you can read about her here.  And she in turn did a feature on me!!!  What an honour to be considered and as always Samara is very generous and kind.   You can find it here why not give Samara a little blog love while you're there.

re:deem has now expanded into a new line since I got my act together and put the discarded pages from my vintage books into use.  Even though most of my books have been rescued from becoming landfill or  from their 'sick book' status, I still could not bring myself to throw out the pages once they had been converted into journals.    There are so many lovely pieces that I have put together vintage ephemera packs and with the text and music started making layered paper posies.  There is nothing quite like the look and texture of vintage paper. I'm secretly obsessed with the posies they are going everywhere cards, parcels. Verity confided to me that she copied the one I gave her and used them as table decorations for her 'Christmas in July' party....wonderful!

I'm also investigating opening a new store....what????  The ethic behind re:deem is to use recycled, upcycled, and vintage elements. However, there are so any other things I want to explore that don't quite fit with this ethos. So, filled with enthusiasim and the confidence and knowledge I've picked up in my year on Etsy I've begun dreaming of a new store...somebody slap me....please. :)

On a personal note, I've completed and sent off all my documentation to apply for R.P.L. (recognised prior learning) on my course, fingers crossed it knocks off a big chunk.  Knuckling down to study this month has been hard I really did need to take a break between finishing work and starting study.

Our youngest turned 16...yikes.  I guess that makes me positively middle aged now that I have 3 adult children and only 1 child.  He only wanted XBox related gear but I did some window shopping on Etsy ...as you do, looking for what they have to offer a teenage boy.  Here's a few items I found....in case you have a teenage male that isn't XBox obsessed to buy for.
Need  I say more??? from queensspoof

And this tshirt for my mexican food loving son (It was his birthday meal request)

From the TheShirtDudes

And since he spends most of his time killing zombies i though he might need one of these.
from CraftieRobot

Virtual shopping is so much fun!!.  

Well enough chatting about me, what's going on in your world???


Crafters with Heart - Maddo (Maddabling)

Crafters with Heart is going to be a regular feature. The idea behind it is to spotlight crafters, their philanthropic passions and what that looks like in their world......<3

When it comes to spreading the love there's none better than Samara from Maddo - Maddabling.  I am starting this new feature on my Blog with Samara because not only did she kick me off with my first sale on Etsy but she has consistently gone out of her way to encourage fellow crafters with either her mad shopping skills or her enthusiastic promotional campaigns.  

Samara has a colourful and eclectic style with a touch of whimsy and romance.  You can feel the passion oozing out of every piece she makes from the arty photos the 'made with love' tag in the titles or the carefully selected song lyrics underscoring her descriptions.

This is Samara's story.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
I work full time – creating is my sanity. I have a loving husband, creative friends and am “mum” to the sweetest pair of scallywags Keshi dog and Neko cat.
I love to cook, create, garden, read, adore listening to music, watching indie or foreign films and participate in the DUST team forum whenever I can.

2. What words would you use to describe your craft style

Eclectic, Unusual, Bold, Made with Love


3. What do you enjoy most about the creative process

Having an idea that consumes you, that you just have to make it right now because you are so impatient that you can’t wait to see how it turns out !
Oh and creating a lovely big mess hehehe !

4 How did Maddabling come to be?

Honestly, it just kind of happened. One day a friend said to me – you should do a market stall, so I did. Then I encouraged Del at DELiciousDesignz to open an ETSY store and she encouraged me to join the DUST team and to open my own store. I have many supportive and creative friends – I am self taught and found that people like what I create. I love being able to bring a little bit of joy in this crazy world through my creations.

5. Are there any causes, aid projects that you are passionate about and why

RSPCA - I feel very strongly about the work that the RSPCA do as they look after those creatures that are neglected, abused or abandoned that don’t have a voice of their own. They provide a second chance and new hope for all creatures great and small – a cliché I know but a fitting one. The job the RSPCA does not always have a happy ending and I have a great deal of respect for those involved as it must be absolutely heartbreaking at times.

6. Have you been involved in any causes/aid projects lately. And how were you involved

Around 12 months ago, we adopted a kitten from the RSPCA. He is very much a part of our family, spoiled rotten and well loved !

I have also been involved in a facebook charity auction for the Slammers Online Relay for Life Page which was raising funds for Cancer. I donated a custom pink themed kilt pin brooch and encouraged many others to donate/bid as well through my fanpage. 

7 If you could give 1 piece of advice to someone wanting to sell their craft what would it be.

Never ever give up ! Believe in yourself and what you do, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, be ready to learn new techniques and be ever evolving in your creative pursuits. Remember that you are unique and that each piece you create has a little piece of you in it – figuratively of course, not literally !

8 Ok this is Samara's top 5

Favourite music/band/singer
I really really love music – so it’s really really hard to narrow this down to just
One artist etc.
Music – anything from Trip Hop to Johnny Cash to Indie to World Music to
Hip Hop to Blues & Roots and everything in between
Band - currently – The Drums, Doves, Pink Floyd, Bank Holidays, The Pixies
Singer – currently Camille, Sally Seltman, Nick Cave,  Dave Mann, Sia

Favourite movie –
currently it’s a split between My Lovely Bones, Whip It or Cashback. Of all time – Breakfast at Tiffanys or Donny Darko or Life of Brian

Favourite item in you wardrobe –
any of my several pairs of I Love Billy Shoes or boots and anything that I have sourced from ETSYthere are sooooooh many things !

Favourite Blog

Favourite Etsy/craft shop.

My current favourites would have to be these etsy shops :

There are so so many more but I can’t list them all here !

I want to thank Samara for being my 1st Crafter with Heart I hope you have learned a little more about this lovely lady.  You can connect with Samara here:


Celebrate with me! - There's a fab journal to be won.

 I am so excited to be at this point 1 year down the track.. There are so many kind and generous spirited crafters and customers who have helped get me here I wish I could do an honor roll for you all but I would most certainly forget some....well... perhaps a lot, but that happen now and then :P (to me it does)

So I say a big heartfelt, hugs and kisses THANK YOU.  To everyone who well, firstly chatted to me.  It was so nerve wracking walking into my 1st ever forum and saying Hi.  To those who answered my many questions with patience, who offered tips and critiques (invaluable). To those who commented followed, tweeted and fb'd and of course finally to those of you who actually bought something from my shop and brought a warm glow to the heart of a nervous crafter.  Hey if that's you MWAH.  I loves ya.

So what do we  do to celebrate this momentous occasion?  Well I took a poll and it seems all of you would like one of my journals.  (it was a short poll and not many took it but hey they all wanted journals)  

To give it a twist I'm going to let you decide your choice out of 3 vintage books you would like to have as a OOAK journal
Here's how to play "Happy Etsyversary re:deem"

To enter:                                                                                                 

Become a FOLLOWER of my Blog or LIKE my facebook.  Leave a comment here to tell me and don't forget to say which book you would like as a journal (please leave me a way on contacting you eg email)

For additional entries:

Become a follower of my blog or a liker of my FB page which ever you didn't do in step 1 (leave a comment)

Go to my shop and let me know what item you like the best (leave a comment)

Twitter about this giveaway (leave a comment)

Facebook about this giveaway (leave a comment)

Blog about this giveaway (leave a comment) 

Easy peasy :)

Your book choices from left to right (original pages from these books will be included in the journal)

A) - The Philosopher's Notebook by Monty Blandford pub 1952 ( a collection of poetry)
B) - The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley pub circa 1970 (children's classic)
C) - Curtain of Fear by Dennis Wheatley pub 1974 (fiction story based on the iron curtain/cold war)

This giveaway will only be open for my Etsyversary week (not like my birthday month haha) so closes
Sat 17th July at 10pm AEST.

Ok, now its time for cake and balloons!  Good Luck everyone.


The fork in the road.

The last few months have been huge!!!! There has been no time for facebook, twitter, my etsy shop and definitely no time to BLOG.  At the ripe old age of 46 I have decided to quit the day job, leave behind the corporate world and go back to school.

It's taken a great deal of introspection soul searching and long late night chats with my lovely supportive husband.  The budget has been worked and reworked turned upside down and reworked again and after some massive belt tightening we decided it was time for me to quit my part time job as a Library technician to concentrate on study and developing the hobby business into something a little more serious.

I've had a few moments of the collie wobbles, tears and wildly euphoric feelings contemplating all the major changes.  I intend to keep this blog updated on all the pivotal 'fork in the road' moments.  But I have previously procrastinated big time in regards to this blog so here's hoping my new found freedom will turn my intentions into reality.


We have a Winner!!

Congratulations to lucky number 9.

Briony from Petaliferous who is the winner of my Blog giveaway.  This gorgeous scarf will be winging it's way to her very shortly.  Thank you to everyone who entered and have followed, liked, blogged and tweeted I have been overwhelmed with the response...this was so much fun!!

And speaking of winners, I have been on a winning streak this week.  Firstly I won this totally yummy pearl necklace from Deb of Two Cheeky Monkeys.  Debs giveaway was hosted by the lovely Jess of Epheriell Designs on her blog.  I highly recommend both of these artists, for the excellent quality of their work and for being a couple of awesome chickies to boot.
This morning I opened my email to the news that I had correctly guessed a pet's name in a Etsy forum competition...go Stevey (I love unconventional spelling).   My prize is a beautiful set of hand painted notecards from Maria of mariadiana.  Maria has some very tempting looking cupcake designs in her shop.  I really love these.


Giveaway time - Lovely Ruffled Scarf

Gorgeous scarf to be won!!!

I must say I have loved crocheting this beautiful scarf, it feels very Victorian/Steampunk to me and it could be part of your ensemble this winter!  Its made from a soft acrylic wool in a warm sophisticated grey.

To be in the running to win all you need to do is one or for multiple entries as many as like of the following. Please leave a seperate comment for each thing you do.

  • Follow this blog (if you don't have a blog profile please leave your email addy)
  • Become a Facebook fan 
  • Visit my shop and post your favourite item here
  • Tweet this giveaway.  Leave your tweet here
  • Blog this giveaway.  Leave your Blog link here.
Entries will close on Mother's Day (May 9th) so you could be getting a lovely surprise come Mother's day.  Winners will be chosen by our lovely random number generator

This giveaway is open to everybody so international visitors feel free to enter. :)

Peppermint Magazine and the DUST team Ad

DUST is the acronym for Down Under Street Team a contingent of around 500 Australian Etsians.  Recently due to the hard work of some of our dedicated members we have scored a grant to advertise DUST in a national magazine.  There has been much excited forum chatter and a great deal of sprucing up around the DUST site and our respective shops all in readiness  to launch DUST to the Aussie public.

The fantastic culture and lifestyle magazine Peppermint will be running an ad featuring a few team members products and a link to a specially constructed DUST team promo page and .....oh I can barely contain the excitement.  I'm going to be featured in that Ad....wheeeeeeeee.

Based on a member poll my 'A Gothic Tale' journal and stationery set was voted No 1 in the vintage/recycled category!! I am so thankful to my team who nominated me, it was so touching, overwhelming and a huge buzz all at the same time.  It also confirmed my slightly nervous decision to branch out and go with my eclectic instincts by adding the recycled vintage books line to my shop.

I am excited to be amongst my other nominated fellow team mates so many deserving entries, made my picks really hard thats for sure.  They are such a talented bunch and so lovely to boot.  My local Borders shop will be inundated by friends and family come the next Peppermint issue which is expected May- June.   I've never read a Peppermint magazine before but I'm already in love with it.  It's ethos of eco friendly and green ticks all my boxes and I was happily surprised to find I knew many of the featured artists through my time at DUST so big shout our to our talented DUST members.

And now for the winners....

This is just my version from Etsy poster Sketch the real ad will look way cooler.  The above are all the winners in each section.... Congratulations everyone!   OK will now have to do a serious makeover on my shop before the guests arrive :)


Twas brillig!


"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!                
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
  The frumious Bandersnatch!"

Ok went to see Alice in Wonderland and this is what I found there.....

Great movie, really enjoyed it but was left a little wanting... I love Jabberwock even the Monty Python animation.  Such glorious words by Lewis Carroll you can almost believe they are real.  I don't want to give away the story line to Alice for those who have not yet seen it but the poem is central to the story so it's quite mad!

Beautiful art direction and costumes (drool).  Not totally satisfied with the character development however my favourite character was the Red Queen... a bulbously BIG hats off to Helena Bonham-Carter.  I would see it again if only for all the eye candy it's really gorgeous.

In line with the movie I want to.... "Investigate today things that begin with the letter M"

1. Maps your Journey - by Terror Dome  2. M cutout - by Tamara Designs   3. Miniature Bunnies - by Julie Blanchette
4. Mittens - by Melp Designs  5. Medieval Heart Brooch - by Tractor Girl 6. Mini Monster no 5 - by Ben Conservato

Things that make you go Mmmmmmmm!  As we are coming into the cooler months I recommend you check out Melp Designs.  The gloves and ankle warmers are fantastic and all of Mels designs are eco conscious...love it.

Well I did enjoy my adventure to Wonderland and the 'Hubby' was suitably impressed as well, though possibly not enough gratutitous violence for him to say he 'loved it'.

On the Etsy front I have not created a thing in over 2 weeks but there are many projects simmering away on the backburner.  I've been away at a conference in Sydney and some of the things I learned there are inspiring me to try and lend my craft to more causes than just micro enterprises for developing countries but I wont divulge more until they solidify.  Needless to say we can and must do something to help bring relief to suffering humanity I am hoping to use what I have in my hands and I would like to encourage you to use what you have in yours too.


Curiouser and Curiouser...

Ok so Alice in Wonderland has just been released in the cinemas and I for one am really excited about going..and then going again.. and then watching the DVD and finally getting said DVD for Christmas.

Not only is it one of my favourite childhood stories and oft quoted by me it also is directed by Tim Burton, master of the visual feast and stars the incomparable Jonny Depp.  Need I say more?

The Etsy community local and global are inspired this month by Alice and her curious adventures in Wonderland.   The DUST theme for this month is the March Hare so check out the the AIW themed goodies on sale.

I have picked a couple of items to feature

Nothing but a Pack of Cards - Alice spoon pendant

Del from DELicious designs has a whole range of these lovely pendants be sure to check out her shop to see them all.

DUST March Sale - Alice In Wonderland Inspired Bookmarks

Tiges and Weince have a set of bookmarks that would make great thank you gifts.  There are also lots of gorgeous Toddlers and Bubs  accessories to drool over.

Finally I add a couple of my own creations. Hand sewn felt brooches that popped into my head one night and had to be created immediately.  I made a couple of samples before I was happy.

Lewis Carroll wrote one of the Children's classics of all time and I am certain it will be enjoyed for generations to come.   Now to see about booking a couple of tickets to the movie!!!


The joy of Treasuries and Front Pages.

I love logging in to my shop and discovering that over night people having been giving it lots of love.  Thanks to that nifty little site Craft Cult I found the source of all the love, this gorgeous treasury by Brandy Fisher which made the front page.

You can get a better look at it here.

I had a look at Brandy's shop and she is a re-purposer and recycler like myself using a fusion of new and recycled/repurposed  materials to make gorgeous jewelry and paper goods.

These are just 2 of the great finds in Brandy's shop.  She also does lovely paper tags and really unusual Christmas ornaments.

Take a moment to browse through Brandy Fisher I think it's a great little Etsy shop.

                                Repurposed Bingo Magnets - Set of 5


Feeling the Love...

What a great week!  Received a lovely convo this week from Amanda of Calico and Co to let me know she had featured my Love Cards in her Blog.

 Calico and Co is described as an Indie and Handmade blog featuring a treasure trove of independent Artists, Designers, Crafters, Photographers and more..
I spent a little time reading through her Blog and found so many interesting artisans, some of which also work with an ethic close to my heart. the eco friendly handmade craft.  Amanda is a graphic designer herself which shows in the crisp and clean layout and engaging photos.

You can also find her on Etsy at Amanda Fuller Designs however she is vacation mode at the moment.  Why not give her some Bloggy love as she is a true champion of the Independent Handmade movement.

This feature contains quite a few Aussie DUSTers

More BLOGGY Love.... Yet another lovely convo from Violet of Artshus letting me know I had been included in her recent showcase of Aussie Etsians.  Violet should go into marketing she makes everyone sound fantastic!!!   This Blog is a feast for the eyes and the ears as you also get to listen to her great taste in music. C'est tres chic.

Now for anyone with a shoe fetish (guilty as charged) Violet has an amazing collection of shoe themed art and craft in her Etsy shop Artshus by Violet,  being a Bag Lady as well..I think this is my fave item

Violet is a talented lady and has another shop Paris Accent which is full of ooh la la fabulous tags and gift cards.  I have to say I was torn between these 2 lovely tags.

Oh so chic and romantic the Paris mannequin and roses and the Paris Cafe Sillouette Tags 

I hope you take the time to visit these wonderful generous spirited blogs.  To take a quote from one of Amanda's featured artists  Green Olive Design  "A handmade object is infused with the love and energy of the maker. Handmade has a story."  Amanda and Violet are tellers of the story and I am very grateful that they have taken the time to tell a little of my story.  For the week leading up to Valentines Day I have felt the Love and I gotta tell you... it feels real good. :)


Wuv, twoo wuv... and all that womance stuff

Princess Bride is my favourite movie so forgive my badly spelled title.   I first saw Princess Bride the night before our 1st child was born (which was actually only a few hours since he arrived in the wee hours).  This might have something to do with my strong attachment to the movie since I was quietly laboring all the way through it....you know those slightly longer and more uncomfortable "Braxton Hicks" thingys which I had been ignoring.
When anyone mentions the word Love my head immediately goes to that line in the movie.. sad but true, or should I say twoo!

With all things romance heating up this month I have added a couple of my favourite LOVE inspired items found on Etsy.   Mind you this was not an exhaustive search as there are about a billion 'valentine' items to choose from.

At the moment I have been inspired by the Victorian, Goth, Steampunk movement...everything old is new again. Have a browse through the stores featured in this mini, I know you will find something you WUV just like I have.


Another little moment in the sun.

Well...what can I say???? A convo from one of my fave artists and bloggers came today to let me know she has featured the journal she bought from me in her Blog.

Chrissy from Artdecadence is an artist that caught my eye as soon as I ventured into Etsy.  She has the spirit and instinct of a true artist with a natural flair and style. If you don't follow her Blog  go on over and follow now, it is a delight for the eyes the soul and the spirit not to mention a wicked sense of the funnies.
Check out Chrissy's Etsy Shop for her anatomical themed goodies.

Anatomical Print With Thread

The Miseries of Human Life Recycled Journal

A little change in direction finds new joys.

I have enjoyed a new aspect of my crafting over Christmas by indulging in my love of all things Paper. Far removed from the bags and purses that I have been doing and perhaps a confusing change in direction for my shop having been in the forums reading up on how you should keep your shops uniform!  Being a bit of an eclectic personality I find enjoyment in a variety of projects.  

So following my heart/gut that place that says 'go for it' I added my new line of recycled journals and other papery goodness to my shop.  Well the change has been for me a breath of fresh air.  Not only do I feel the shop looks more rounded out (I intend to add more different lines in the future) but a fresh wind of sales and enthusiasm has been sparked.  The support and the encouragement by so many lovely fellow crafters including the fantastic DUST team has given a sense of achievement and joy.   I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to all those who have encouraged and bought and shared your thoughts and ideas with me.  

The Storque Article article featuring talent from Down Under. My Love and Romance recycled journal is amongst them.