Twas brillig!


"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!                
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
  The frumious Bandersnatch!"

Ok went to see Alice in Wonderland and this is what I found there.....

Great movie, really enjoyed it but was left a little wanting... I love Jabberwock even the Monty Python animation.  Such glorious words by Lewis Carroll you can almost believe they are real.  I don't want to give away the story line to Alice for those who have not yet seen it but the poem is central to the story so it's quite mad!

Beautiful art direction and costumes (drool).  Not totally satisfied with the character development however my favourite character was the Red Queen... a bulbously BIG hats off to Helena Bonham-Carter.  I would see it again if only for all the eye candy it's really gorgeous.

In line with the movie I want to.... "Investigate today things that begin with the letter M"

1. Maps your Journey - by Terror Dome  2. M cutout - by Tamara Designs   3. Miniature Bunnies - by Julie Blanchette
4. Mittens - by Melp Designs  5. Medieval Heart Brooch - by Tractor Girl 6. Mini Monster no 5 - by Ben Conservato

Things that make you go Mmmmmmmm!  As we are coming into the cooler months I recommend you check out Melp Designs.  The gloves and ankle warmers are fantastic and all of Mels designs are eco conscious...love it.

Well I did enjoy my adventure to Wonderland and the 'Hubby' was suitably impressed as well, though possibly not enough gratutitous violence for him to say he 'loved it'.

On the Etsy front I have not created a thing in over 2 weeks but there are many projects simmering away on the backburner.  I've been away at a conference in Sydney and some of the things I learned there are inspiring me to try and lend my craft to more causes than just micro enterprises for developing countries but I wont divulge more until they solidify.  Needless to say we can and must do something to help bring relief to suffering humanity I am hoping to use what I have in my hands and I would like to encourage you to use what you have in yours too.


mel paton said...

Thanks Vicki! I agree with you about the red queen, what a great character she was, definitely the best character in the whole movie!

TerrorDome said...

Really like the MMMMMMM theme and absolutely love the Mini Monster!

Thanks ; )

benconservato said...

Love the M theme. I saw Alice the other day, and am really not sure what I thought of it sadly. Meaning there was obviously something I didn't like, perhaps it was the enforced 3D?

Thank you for the feature!

Anonymous said...

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