Peppermint Magazine and the DUST team Ad

DUST is the acronym for Down Under Street Team a contingent of around 500 Australian Etsians.  Recently due to the hard work of some of our dedicated members we have scored a grant to advertise DUST in a national magazine.  There has been much excited forum chatter and a great deal of sprucing up around the DUST site and our respective shops all in readiness  to launch DUST to the Aussie public.

The fantastic culture and lifestyle magazine Peppermint will be running an ad featuring a few team members products and a link to a specially constructed DUST team promo page and .....oh I can barely contain the excitement.  I'm going to be featured in that Ad....wheeeeeeeee.

Based on a member poll my 'A Gothic Tale' journal and stationery set was voted No 1 in the vintage/recycled category!! I am so thankful to my team who nominated me, it was so touching, overwhelming and a huge buzz all at the same time.  It also confirmed my slightly nervous decision to branch out and go with my eclectic instincts by adding the recycled vintage books line to my shop.

I am excited to be amongst my other nominated fellow team mates so many deserving entries, made my picks really hard thats for sure.  They are such a talented bunch and so lovely to boot.  My local Borders shop will be inundated by friends and family come the next Peppermint issue which is expected May- June.   I've never read a Peppermint magazine before but I'm already in love with it.  It's ethos of eco friendly and green ticks all my boxes and I was happily surprised to find I knew many of the featured artists through my time at DUST so big shout our to our talented DUST members.

And now for the winners....

This is just my version from Etsy poster Sketch the real ad will look way cooler.  The above are all the winners in each section.... Congratulations everyone!   OK will now have to do a serious makeover on my shop before the guests arrive :)


Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

it works great! xoxo

Leanne Lonergan said...

This is such an exciting thing for the Dust Team.. I can't wait for my copy of Peppermint to arrive so I can see this in print..