The wonderful world of shrink plastic.

I recently rediscovered something that I couldn't resist playing with again - shrink plastic!  Remember Shrinky Dinks???  Or for those who couldn't afford Shrinky Dinks the 'old chip packet in the oven' then made into earrings phase.

Whilst browsing around blog land I discovered this cute tutorial by Cathe Holden over at Just something I made on how to make a customised shrink plastic ring..  Instantly, my brain was filled with shrink plastic possibilities.  Thanks to the www and online shopping I soon had my own pack of inkjet printable shrink plastic which I immediately had to play with. (patience is not a virtue)

3 easy steps. Print, Cut and Bake.

Here are my 1st attempts with shrink plastic.  I printed out some pretty lace doilies to make buttons with.  A Mr Phrenology Head for a ring and necklace.  And the VW Bugs because I am opening a new shop 'red punch buggy' and I thought I could make badges or magnets as thank you gifts.

The 1st batch are ok I was fairly pleased with the outcome but I need to play with the cooking time to eliminate the slight buckle in the pieces. It says they are maleable for a little while when they come out of the oven but you have to move quick (and I'm not quick enough juggling hot things).  I  gave them a quick sand and then used a paint on acrylic gloss to seal them which made the ink bleed a little so the next batch will get a spray on coat instead.   I don't know if this batch will become what they were intended for as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and these are practice pieces but I have a few ideas that I cant wait to try out next.  

If all goes to plan I will have a shrink plastic range of goodies in my new store.  If is doesn't work out then at least I've had fun reliving past fun times.  


BonTons said...

I remember putting my chip packets in the oven and watching them shrink and then making them into little pendants! The Pink Salt and Vinegar ones were my favorites. Oh the memories!

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