Giveaways, swaps and flow of life...

I have been sadly neglecting the Blog.  Life is happening at full tilt and I haven't even had time to list anything new in the shop let alone write something inspiring here.  Today my baby son has his semi formal and I have to take up his new MENSWEAR pants and go shopping for a good shirt since the last good shirt I bought no longer fits.  It wasn't so long ago when he was a chubby bundle of joy with a head full of Shirley Temple curls (no I could not bear to cut them).

We are very proud of the young man he has become but they grow so very quickly our daughter has turned 20 this month and the hubby and I celebrated 26 years of married bliss.. How come those numbers got so big so fast??? It certainly has no bearing on my age haha I'm still as young as ever in my head I just wish the body would fall into line  (could it be I need to seriously work at it now?? yikes that sounds like discipline).

This month I have also won my first ever contest....YAY!! Luisa from Dance in my Garden hosted a giveaway by Susan from Berrylicious Buttons and I won!!!!  I received my lovely tags this week.  I wish I had taken a photo but was not thinking at the time..... too busy ripping open my prize.

I did however, get a pic of the craft swap I did with fellow DUSTer Verity from Joie de Tea
I received 3 yummy packs of her herbal blend teas and 2 lovely hand embroidered napkins, wrapped and   packaged beautifully, I only hope she is as happy with her handmade Christmas ornaments.

The 3 blends I have are Ruby Red Mint, Spice Road and Peppermint Soother can't wait to try them out.

Well my son is waiting to go shirt shopping... like most men he hates shopping and is eager to get it over and done with.

Finally I got a Treasury West last week after much frustrated waiting during Etsy maintenance.  I did feature myself... hehe adding my new Blue Hobo Tote.. I am so in love with the colour (although I am in love with most colours I have a special affinity with brights)  it also features quite a few of our very talented DUST Team, you may recognise a few.   Helen from Stitcharooney let me know she got her 1st sale on the swallow broach that I featured. Congrats Helen that really made my treasury. I know how excited I was with my first sale so I was happy to be a very small part of hers.  Now off to the shops.:)


Itch2stitch.com said...

What a lovely bundle! I enjoy trying out different flavours! Suzie. xxx

Kerrie said...

Hi Vicki I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about time going too quickly - my son has just got his learner driver's permit and it doesn't seem so long ago I was strapping him into his baby capsule! have added you to my blog list and am now following yours. isn't this blogging fun?!

Vicki said...

Thanks Kerrie, I'm only just getting into blogging. I really enjoy reading other blogs... not so much enjoyment from doing my own LOL Thanks for the follow I'm off to check out yours now.

Cloud said...

Hi Vicki

Blogging is fun! Just make sure you enjoy it & don't make it into work :)


Vicki said...

Hi Cloud,

Love your blog and I am particularly attracted to your space invaders material how cool... I used to totally rock at space invaders.... ahhh the good old days.
Thanks for the follow I'm now in your ranks as well. :)