It's flower power with a touch of Grandma!!

I have started to diversify my Etsy shop and have added  a new line of hair clips.
I took up crochet this winter and after 4 or 5 lap blankets I got itching to try more and so thanks to the wonderful instructional blogsites on the www found a little tutorial on how to crochet the Peony flower.  I have since been hooked (no pun intended) and spend most of my TV watching time happily crocheting away just like a regular granny minus the grandkids!!!

In keeping with my ethic of reusing and recycling materials I found the thread for this pair of clips (pictured) at the Salvos (God bless 'em) the little pearl buttons have been siting in my button jar since forever and it was very satisfying to unite them together.

I have also started making brooches with them using recycled jewelry parts for the centres.  My 20yr old daughter requested one and has been wearing it around.  I have also given them as thank you gifts to my buyers who also have been thrilled with them.  I don't know when I will stop, I am having a ball churning them out and sitting and matching flowers to centres from my collection of beads, buttons and jewelry bits.

I am also working on my 1st GIVEAWAY I just need to take the really good photos not the blurry kind I keep coming up with so stay tuned.

Peony Flower How To:
Click here for the Peony flower tutorial.   Thanks to sewritzytitzy blog for posting this fantastic tutorial.