Curiouser and Curiouser...

Ok so Alice in Wonderland has just been released in the cinemas and I for one am really excited about going..and then going again.. and then watching the DVD and finally getting said DVD for Christmas.

Not only is it one of my favourite childhood stories and oft quoted by me it also is directed by Tim Burton, master of the visual feast and stars the incomparable Jonny Depp.  Need I say more?

The Etsy community local and global are inspired this month by Alice and her curious adventures in Wonderland.   The DUST theme for this month is the March Hare so check out the the AIW themed goodies on sale.

I have picked a couple of items to feature

Nothing but a Pack of Cards - Alice spoon pendant

Del from DELicious designs has a whole range of these lovely pendants be sure to check out her shop to see them all.

DUST March Sale - Alice In Wonderland Inspired Bookmarks

Tiges and Weince have a set of bookmarks that would make great thank you gifts.  There are also lots of gorgeous Toddlers and Bubs  accessories to drool over.

Finally I add a couple of my own creations. Hand sewn felt brooches that popped into my head one night and had to be created immediately.  I made a couple of samples before I was happy.

Lewis Carroll wrote one of the Children's classics of all time and I am certain it will be enjoyed for generations to come.   Now to see about booking a couple of tickets to the movie!!!


melanie said...

I like your grin without a cat - I have one of those in one of my unfinished paintings ;)

Vicki said...

I hope you get to finish it one day Melanie.. Maybe nows a good time to get it done. :)

DELiciousDesignz said...

Thanks Vicki - I just adore Alice, teapots and my spoon pendants . So combining all these loves is just a dream come true. Just listed some more today :0)
Love all the dusty alice items this month

pardalote said...

Lovely post. I loved the Carroll books, but with so many mixed reviews I'm undecided about whether I should see the movie.
Oh well, I can always wander in Etsy wonderland instead, thanks~ :-D

Chrisy said...

ah that cat brooch is a beauty! i saw the movie...won't say anymore...will be interested to see what you think...
have a good week honey

Anonymous said...
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