A little change in direction finds new joys.

I have enjoyed a new aspect of my crafting over Christmas by indulging in my love of all things Paper. Far removed from the bags and purses that I have been doing and perhaps a confusing change in direction for my shop having been in the forums reading up on how you should keep your shops uniform!  Being a bit of an eclectic personality I find enjoyment in a variety of projects.  

So following my heart/gut that place that says 'go for it' I added my new line of recycled journals and other papery goodness to my shop.  Well the change has been for me a breath of fresh air.  Not only do I feel the shop looks more rounded out (I intend to add more different lines in the future) but a fresh wind of sales and enthusiasm has been sparked.  The support and the encouragement by so many lovely fellow crafters including the fantastic DUST team has given a sense of achievement and joy.   I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to all those who have encouraged and bought and shared your thoughts and ideas with me.  

The Storque Article article featuring talent from Down Under. My Love and Romance recycled journal is amongst them.


Little Waltz said...

Congrats on your feature in the Storque article, Vicki! I'm envious! Hahaa.

Your creations are amazing, so it's only natural you get picked up and featured!

I only wish they had featured melbourne too!

Together We Save said...


Vicki said...

Thanks girls x
Celeste I was chuffed about the feature and yes some parts of Aussie land did get overlooked. Hopefully they will do and Aussie day FP and flll it full of Dusters, esp Melbournites hehe.