New Life from Old Books

new, originally uploaded by mistybliss.
This is a new thing for my Blog. I have procrastinated long enough. Originally I wanted to showcase crafters, cool ideas and various whimsy I thought Blog worthy. So here I go.

To kick off this section and in homage to my new interest in recycling old books I found this awesome pic on Flickr by mistybliss. I just love papery things, they carry a natural and simplistic beauty. I can just imagine a garland of these gracing my wall.


Violet said...

I would love to know how you make these - they're gorgus!
p.s. I love Princess Bride too - one of my faves. I published a small book on my daughter Alex and wrote about her as a fairytale Princess Bride. blessings, Violet

Vicki said...

I would love how to make them too Violet. The creator is Mistybliss. Her link is under the photo. Really gorgeous aren't they.