New Lines in New Shop

Redeem Designs is now back in 2010.  I have enjoyed the break and not being attached to a computer 24/7 and for having the time to play with new ideas in my head.
I have come into possession of some fantastic new toys which have really expanded my crafting scope.  The first is my Zutter Bind it all machine which is just fantastic!!!  I have been happily binding away and making Journals and Notebooks from my lovely collection of vintage books. (working in a Library has it's perks)

You find a couple of my first journals in my shop.  Here's a couple of pics

The second is a Spellbinders Wizard die cutting and embossing machine.  I can't tell you how ridiculously excited I am about the possibilities of this little beauty.  Not only does it cut but it can also emboss using the same die. Of course I am still playing and have to hoard all my pennies so I can buy some more lovely die shapes.  (Or learn to hide the credit card statements from Hubby).

I also started making tags, firstly for my own gifts and things but of course got really sucked in and now they are another new feature.

I spent a lot of time overhauling my Etsy shop and overall I am pretty pleased with the result.  I have had some lovely feedback already which is really appreciated and I am looking forward with renewed vigor to the coming months.

I hope you stop by and check out the new look.  Meanwhile I will be looking to be putting more features and giveaways on this BLOG.